About Us

We are a couple that have been married for a short while but have been in each others lives for many years.

After our friends suggesting that we put a blog together about our travels, passion for fashion and our lifestyle.

Jenna & Jason - Brick Lane - Maria Assia Photography-33

We finally got around to doing it one rainy afternoon in November and eventually went public with our stories early 2016.

This was a great way to fill our previous wedding planning time. Anyone that has recently arranged a wedding will know that once the party is over you are left with a considerable amount of spare time and a desire to have anew project. Most people would set about starting family or redesigning / decorating their home. We decided to start blogging..



So here goes… our Travels, Fashion ideas and life as a new Mr and Mrs.


Want to see and hear more of what we have been up to ? follow us here …




Meet some of the brands we are working with, if you would like to work with us then please do get in touch and say hello.


5 thoughts on “About Us”

  1. Very cool name you came up with. I am just starting my blogging life. I haven’t put in place word press or website yet. Just checking out if people like my posting. Seriously starting in the next couple of months as I am going to India for 6 months end of July , then the blogging really begins. Any tips for me guys? Much appreciated.

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